Sisterhood is the backbone of Alpha Phi. Here at Alpha Phi sisterhood means being involved, supporting each other, pushing each other to our highest standards, and maintaining solid relationships that go beyond just friendship. Sisterhood is taken very seriously and Alpha Phis love taking the time to keep strengthening our sisterhood each and every day. Hand in hand, and heart to heart, the sisterhood in Eta Kappa is life-long!


Green Wonderful Typography Christmas Ins
Green Wonderful Typography Christmas Ins

One of the best ways to enhance the Alpha Phi experience and create more sisterhood is through our quarterly retreats. These events are always held one weekend out of the quarter, and give our sisters an opportunity to bond by participating in bonding exercises, creating fun memories together, and relaxing in the midst of a difficult school curriculum. From renting cabins at Big Bear Lake and houses in Palm Springs and San Diego to hanging out in Hollywood or Disneyland, retreats are always so much fun and prove how much we all love spending time with each other!



If there is anything Alpha Phis love just as much as each other, it's having fun! Being a part of Alpha Phi means having a great time; whether that is going out with your sisters for a girls night out or heading to Las Vegas for fraternity formals, we have a blast wherever we go! Our calendar is always filled with plenty of exciting ways to spend your weekends whether that means exchanges, fraternity held venue parties, or an Alpha Phi formal each quarter, there is never a dull moment as an Alpha Phi!


One of the best parts about becoming an Alpha Phi is having the opportunity to form a bond with another sister that is unlike any other. Big Sisters serve as guiding mentors throughout your Alpha Phi journey, and are usually an older member of the chapter that new members have met throughout their new member period and feel a special connection with. Big and Little Week is one of Alpha Phis most cherished events. This week is completely dedicated to our newest members of Alpha Phi as they are showered with fun gifts and clues on who their Big Sis is. The week culminates with an exciting reveal and activities afterwards with their new Big Sisters! 



Whether it's scoring a goal in soccer, hitting a home-run in softball, spiking hard in volleyball, or just cheering on our sisters from the sidelines, Alpha Phis are stars on and off the field! With different intramural sports to play each quarter, there is always a game going on - and a victory guaranteed. 


Even though we hate not being with our sisters during the year, Alpha Phi says Bon Voyage to several of our sisters at different times of the year who go away to far off lands and enhance their college and lifelong experience. Studying abroad is something that Alpha Phi encourages our members to be a part of and we are extremely proud of our sisters who have been abroad so far this year. We hope all of our sisters who are currently studying abroad are having an amazing time! We cannot wait to be reunited and hear all about your adventures!



Alpha Phi's sisterhood goes beyond just our events. Whether it's celebrating birthdays, going on vacations, moving in to a new house, or just being each others' study buddies, we love and spend time with our sisters every day!