Alpha Phi is proud to have the highest Panhellenic Sorority GPA!

In addition, we hold above the All Sorority Average, the All Women's Average, the All Greek Average, and the All Undergraduate Average! 


Along with the high academic achievements of our members, our sisters also participate in many other on-campus groups, clubs, and honor societies. 

Our scholarship program strives to motivate and help members in their pursuit of academic excellence through weekly study hours at our house and in multiple locations on campus.

We also make it a priority to pair up new members with older members of the same major so that they can give them study advice on classes they have taken before! The Alpha Phi house is equipped with a study room as well as printing resources for all chapter members. We also have an online Alpha Phi academic resource guide, following our goal for everyone to prioritize school first. Our sisters who have achieved academic excellence with 4.0s or Deans List are rewarded with special gifts and recognition after every quarter.